Btd6 hard strategy

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Btd6 hard strategy

At the beginning of a game, the player has half as many lives on Hard as they do on Easy. Towers and their upgrades also face an increase in cost, as well as bloons having their speed increased. It is represented by a general monkey. The Bloons move a little bit faster than on Easy Mode or Medium mode, and the player has only lives.

There are also a lot of variations based on Hard difficulty. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses of hardsee Hard disambiguation. If you are playing on Hard then I salute you. Contents [ show ]. Watch out and carefully before making redirects A Bloons Wiki contributor. I added the Sniper disambiguation page, beca Categories :.

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Cancel Save. This is the last level. On Hard, the towers cost more than normal, the bloons move faster, and you have lives. Winning the Hard difficulty awards you a gold medal for that track.

If you're playing on Hard, you've done well to get this far, but it will all end next level. Bloons Monkey City. Bloons Adventure Time TD.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Bloons TD 6 Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Bloons TD 6.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Bloons TD 6. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. A guide to quite litterally everything in this game! No longer WIP. This item has been added to your Favorites.

Created by. SandTag Offline. Guide Index. The one guide to end them all. All of those Bloons. Bloon Properties Explained. Co-Op mode.

Easter Eggs. Heroes Page 2. Monkey Knowledge: What to do with it? Monkey Knowledge Part 2 Late Game. Primary Monkeys. Primary Monkeys part 2.

Military Monkeys. Military monkeys part 2. Magic Monkeys. Support Towers. Banana Farms. The Temple. Insta Monkeys and Powers. Strategy Book. Final Notes and reccomendations. No longer a WIP This guide contains quite litterally everything to do with this game, whether it be gamemodes, strategies, towers, bloons, if it exists in BTD6, its in the guide.

Everything is Condensed and straight to the point, not bloated out with random opinions or pointless waffling, Facts and Statistics is what this guide is all about.

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Camo: Bloons cannot be seen by some towers, certain towers may gain the ability to see a camo bloon on their own, or require a XX monkey village.Though BTD6 is very similar to the previous title, there are a few fundamental changes to the core gameplay. For one, there are no more special agents. Instead, there are heroes not Supermonkeys that level up with each round. Though their levels do not carry over to the next arena, it has to restart every session.

Secondly, you can only upgrade your monkeys with experience points, not with the in-game money you earn with every bloon popped. This makes each level a little more challenging than it was in the previous games as you can no longer put down a dart monkey and max out his skills in the first round. There are also a few tricks that Bloons TD 6 does not explain very well, like soul binding a tower, what knowledge does, how to gain experience points, and a reminder of how to get those pesky lead bloons.

Be sure to check it out for any hints you might need to win the next arena.

btd6 hard strategy

This happens when you unlock the last tier in the Intense Magic skill tree of the wizard monkey. Luckily, some folks over at Reddit have figured it out. Turns out, soulbind helps when you run out of lives. The tower will sacrifice itself and any other soulbind you have out to gain more lives.

btd6 hard strategy

Furthermore, you can only have one soulbind tower at a time, but you can bind as many other towers to it as you want to. This caution is expressed because the sites linked below require a valid email address before you can download the game. All of these are basically APK versions, but getting to them is a lot riskier. Again, if you are worried about security, it might be best to avoid the links above.

Bloons TD 6 - Spillway Hard Walkthrough

Both links have customer ratings and comments available to make sure you get a copy that works and has minimal bugs; it is always good to express caution when downloading an app from places other than Google Play and the App Store. Instead of upgrading your tower whenever you like with the money gained from bloon popping, you have to unlock each tier with experience points first. It is easy enough to gain experience points — you simply need to put down the tower you want to upgrade and play.

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The more of that tower you have down, the more experience points you will get. If you want to farm for experience points, it is best to pick an easy arena and only put down the tower you want to upgrade. There are very few towers that will inherently tackle camp and lead bloons without any upgrades.Jackson Moore and Tommy Beggs September 4, First it was Clash of Clans. Then it was Clash Royale. Now, a new mobile game taking South by storm. The old balloon popping strategies from previous iterations of the monkey versus balloon game has now evolved.

Optimist staff members have spent hours formulating strategies to benefit the students of South. Here is our take on the most useful ways to succeed in Bloons Tower Defense 6. Super Monkey. This tower is perhaps the most obvious choice on our list. Its immediate benefit of extremely rapid firing darts is powerful in the early stages of the game, but even that is not comparable to the MOAB shredding capacity of a Sun Avatar.

It is also worth experimenting with the capabilities of the Dark Knight, whose anti-MOAB blades pair well with camo vision. Heli Pilot. The Heli Pilot is probably the most powerful early game monkey and has moderate late round potential.

When you acquire enough Monkey Knowledge to purchase the Military Conscription upgrade, a half priced Heli Pilot from the start can last you through round 35 with a upgrade path.

Monkey Ace. The most challenging round in the Chimps and impoppable formats is almost certainly Round A Monkey Ace allows for the Ground Zero ability to be used.

Three of these Ground Zero Monkey Aces can eliminate the entirety of the round by themselves. Ice Monkey. Unfortunately, the Ice Monkey has not been a popular choice in this game or in the five prior versions. The lack of popping potential on this tower makes it a very difficult tower to take advantage of.

btd6 hard strategy

However, this path costs a total of 4, Cash for an Ice Monkey that is only slightly efficient. Staff members would suggest player spend this Cash to get a Super Monkey with epic range or laser blasts instead. Tack Shooter. To find any value in this tower, players must purchase the ring of fire to find any popping power. However, the Tack Shooter could provide support in early rounds because of its skill to pop lower level bloons. The 5, Cash that the ring of fire would cost in total is not worth the lack of potential that the tack shooter holds.With the release of Bloons TD 6 on Android, the dart throwing monkeys must once again rise to arms to fend of the invading bloons.

Bloons TD 6 tips & tricks: The best strategies to defeat the inflated invaders

Although Bloons TD 6 sticks to the formula that made it famous, there are enough new features to keep even veterans on their toes. Unlike the previous entries in the saga, in Bloons TD 6 you can no longer upgrade towers to their highest level just by collecting cash. You need to unlock those levels by using the towers and gaining experience. On top of that, each tower now has three build paths with five stages each.

The final fifth tier unlocks cost upwards of 50, exp each. As stated above, all you need to do to gain experience on your simian towers is use them. Some towers might also be able to take down medium, depending on their strengths. Another big change in Bloons TD 6 is the introduction of hero towers. The trade off is that they have higher than average starting costs. Fortunately, the first two available are generally agreed to be the best you can get. While hordes of bloons are a constant threat, two types in particular are likely to ruin your day.

Even dart monkeys can pop them with a few cheap upgrades. Snipers, wizards, and boomerang towers can be upgraded to hit them as well. Ninjas can even hit camo bloons without any upgrades at all. A number of other upgraded towers can take care of them too. Of course, any tower can hit camo bloons with a monkey village with the radar scanner upgrade. This combination is more than enough to take down any stage on easy or medium, and provides a good base coming forward.

Ninjas are a strong early unit because they can hit camo bloons and shoot quickly. Their weakness lies in lead bloons, which is where alchemists come in.

btd6 hard strategy

As mentioned above, their acidic mixture dip upgrade gives any tower the ability to pop lead bloons. A well placed ninja paired with a alchemist can handily defeat all 40 waves of any easy map, and all 60 waves of some stages on medium difficulty. Once the going gets tougher, drop down some super monkeys to provide extra firepower.

By then you should be able to afford them. These knowledge points can be invested into one of six knowledge trees. Each one provides unique benefits to certain towers, but not all are created equal. Here are a few quick tips for knowledge in Bloons TD 6.

It gives you an additional cash at the beginning of each level, which opens up a lot of options early on.

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It provides a 25 point health shield that regenerates slightly between waves.In the game, you get to help a group of monkeys protect their territory from marauding balloons. Yes, you read that right. Balloons are marching in and the monkeys need to shoot tacks rapidly to pop them all. The game follows some standard tower defense mechanics.

The invading balloons move along a specific path, and you will just have to plop down towers in key locations to take them out. Things get interesting when you see that each tower has its own upgrade tree. On top of that, you also get to use unique units that patrol areas instead of just sticking to one place.

Throw them all together and chaos ensues! Soulbind has been one of the biggest mysteries in Bloons TD 6. Players who took the time to invest in it were initially disappointed to find an undead monkey sitting on a throne, doing nothing. After further investigation, however, it turned out that the Soulbind actually saves you when you run out of lives.

It sacrifices itself along with any other tower you bind to it. You get one extra life for every coins invested in the Soulbind. That means you could potentially have a lot of lives if you invested in it well. To get the Soulbind, you will have to unlock the final tier of the Intense Magic tree from the wizard monkey. This will cost you 30, experience points to unlock.

Once it has been unlocked, you will need to spend 24, to level it up. You even need to spend more than that since you need to unlock the prerequisite skills first. One last thing you should remember about the Soulbind is that it disappears once it has been used up.

The towers that have been bound to it also disappear. That means you will be left vulnerable for the next round. Make sure you replace all the missing towers before the next battle or all the extra lives you earned will have been for nothing. If you have played previous installments of the game, you might be surprised by the changes they made to upgrading. It used to be that you just need to have the money required for upgrades in order to spam levels on your tower.

This time, the game requires you to earn experience points for that tower first. In order to earn experience, you just need to use the tower in battle. If you want to farm experience for a particular tower, just go to an easy level and use nothing but the one you are trying to upgrade.

Plop down as many instances of the same tower as you can in order to earn even more experience points for it.It was originally released in Bloons TD5 Mobile. It is unlocked after beating Alternate Bloon Rounds for the specific track. In this difficulty, players begin with 1 life, and all elements that are capable of producing extra lives will not grant extra lives, including Mana Shield.

Class Bloons don't have more health, and the player starts at round 6 and has to beat roundwhen the first B. On Version Interestingly, Ninja Kiwi declared that Mana Shield originally was not meant to be enabled in Impoppable Mode in the first place, but was unintentionally added as a result of poor communication among the game design team.

However, many players got so used to having Mana Shield in Impoppable that it was functionally accepted into the game.

The Optimist

Mana Shield is now disabled in Impoppable Mode. All life-generating abilities are disabled, regardless of Custom Challenge. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Some freeplay rules and difficulty will apply at the later rounds. Good luck! Farming is almost necessary due to the increased costs of the towers and upgrades. However, paying too much attention to the farms might mean game over, especially because you must focus on tapping around the bananas. Using a Monkey Farmer or upgrading farms to Monkey Banks can help ease the focus onto the main defense.

Having the Pre-Game Prep Monkey Knowledge is highly recommended due to the devastating rule of 1 life only. Avoid using Bomb BlitzElite Defenderor other towers with life loss abilities except Legend of the Night as their life lost abilities cannot activate without loss of the game.

Version History Edit On Version All life-generating abilities are disabled, regardless of Custom Challenge Trivia Edit Winning Impoppable Difficulty in a normal game guarantees one free Insta-Monkeyjust like beating Round in all other games.

Impoppable Difficulty can be set as a game mode for the Easy and Medium difficulties on the Challenge Editor. The only difference with an Easy or Medium Impoppable game versus a Hard Impoppable game with the default settings is slower bloon speed.

Impoppable Difficulty set in Challenge Editor also prevents life-generation of any sort, even if life count was increased.

Impoppable Difficulty (BTD6)

Categories :. Cancel Save. Impoppable will test your Bloon popping skills to the max. Bloons Monkey City. Bloons Adventure Time TD.


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